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Go Card

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Go Card
A Greater Level of Convenience from ‘Orient Thai Airlines’
To Make Your Journey Easy Anytime

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Terms and Conditions

The GO CARD is a pre-paid card that offers passengers a convenient option to pay for flights prior to departure, with a benefit of 8% to 10% discount.

The Platinum GO CARD can be topped-up with the minimum amount of ?20,000?THB per top-up; 10% of each payment will be added to the card?s value.

The Gold Card can be topped-up with the minimum amount of 5,000?THB per top-up; 8% of each payment will be added to the card’s value.

1. The GO CARD is a perfect choice for frequent flyers. Valid for all Domestic flights operated by Orient Thai Airlines, the card can also be shared among family members with the same surname, or employees in the same company or organization.
2. Passengers with either the Platinum or Gold GO CARD, can check in with the PNR CODE and ID Card at the Orient Thai Airlines check-in counter.
3. Applicants for GO CARD will receive the GO CARD and PIN number, after the registration and payment process is completed.
4. To pay for flights with the GO CARD, passengers can swipe the card when booking at the Orient Thai Airlines ticket counter, or simply provide the card number and PIN number when booking via Call Center 1126 or website www.731919.live.
5. To renew the GO CARD in the event that the card is damaged or lost, the card holder is required to present proof of ownership together with a copy of a filed police report and pay a THB500 processing fee.
6. After booking and receiving confirmation, passengers with the GO CARD are allowed to travel without the airline-issued tickets.
7. Passengers with the Platinum GO CARD are eligible for free baggage allowance of up to 30 kilograms; and those with the Gold GO CARD have up to 25 kilograms (compared to the regular maximum allowance of 20 kilograms).
8. In the case of flights being overbooked, GO CARD holders are entitled to priority stand-by.
9. The GO CARD is valid for one year from date of issue or date of re-charge. The card cannot be redeemed for cash in any circumstances.
10. The airfare deducted from the GO CARD’s value will be in accordance with Orient Thai Airlines latest announcement, depending on the date of booking. The airfare is subject to change by the airline’s announcement.
11. The value remaining in the GO CARD is non-refundable in all cases. Orient Thai Airlines reserves the right to change the terms and conditions without prior notice.

Privileges and Benefits

? 10% value back on every payment made with the Platinum GO CARD
? 8% value back on every payment made with the Gold GO CARD
? Transferrable among family and/or corporate members
? Special maximum free baggage allowance ?30 kilograms for Platinum GO CARD holders, and up to 25 kilograms for Gold GO CARD holders
? Priority stand-by in case of overbooking

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