Free 15 kg Checked Baggage


How many pieces of carry-on baggage is a passenger allowed to take onboard the aircraft?
Each passenger is allowed to hand-carry into the cabin, weight may not exceed 7 kilograms; where as the weight for checked-in baggage should not exceed 15 kilograms.

Excess Baggage Rate Charge:
– THB 200 per kilogram for domestic routes.
– THB 450 per kilogram for Bangkok – Hong Kong routes.
– HKD 110 per kilogram for Hong Kong – Bangkok routes.
– RMB 90 per kilogram for China – Phuket/Donmuang routes.
– THB 450 per kilogram for Phuket/Donmuang – China routes.

What to do if the baggage is lost?
If unable to locate checked baggage upon arrival, the passenger must contact the airline staff immediately before leaving the airport. In the case of not being able to trace the baggage, the airline will compensate the loss based on the baggage weight at the rate of THB 100 per kilogram, but not more than THB 2,000 per one baggage, regardless of the value of lost items. Orient Thai Airlines reserves the right not to provide any compensation in the event that the passenger notifies the airline staff after leaving the airport.

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